Flex Strip 300-12 Mono


The PROLED FLEX STRIPS are perfect for indirect lighting, as custom made versions for fair or shop applications as well as for all kinds of illumination. Due to their shallow design and the individually adaptable lengths the PROLED FLEX STRIPS offer a wide spectrum of application possibilities.

  • High flexibility – adaptable to round shapes
  • Installation with 3M adhesive tape on the strip’s backside (self adhesive).
  • dimmable or DMX 512, DALI, 1-10 V, KNX controllable by MBNLED RGB MULTI power supplies/controller

Technical Data

IP classification:


Power source:

12 VDC

Electrical connection:

2x cable with 2-PIN to open wires

Maximum quantity per power input:

5 m

Operating temperature range:

-10° C till +45° C

Width x height:

8 x 1,5 mm


all 3 LEDs (5 cm)

Photometric Data

LED type:


Luminous flux:

white 440 Lumen per m

neutral white 440 Lumen per m

warm white 400 Lumen per m

super warm white 370 Lumen per m

ultra warm white 330 Lumen per m

red 170 Lumen per m

green 400 Lumen per m

blue 80 Lumen per m

amber 140 Lumen per m

Colour temperature:

white 6000 K

neutral white 4000 K

warm white 3000 K

super warm white 2700 K

ultra warm white 2400 K

Wave length:

red 621 nm

green 527 nm

blue 463 nm

amber 590 nm


90 (change from 80 to 90 will be carried out during 2018)

Beam angle:


Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.

Product Types