DMX RDM Repeater


The MBNLED DMX RDM REPEATER is a DMX 512-A / RDM compatible repeater. Input and output ports are isolated. The repeater allows the bidirectional communication (necessary for E1.20).
Remote Device Management in DMX 512 installations.

The input signal goes over microcontroller and the signal is regenerated (digital renewed).

What is RDM?
RDM allows a bi-directional communication over the DMX 512 line, enabling RDM devices to do central addressing or to send status and error information back to the console. Most of MBNLED products are RDM compatible.

MBNLED DMX RDM REPEATER Manual361.5 KB3+5 years warranty information

Technical Data

Power source:

100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Dimensions (l x w x h):

205 x 77 x 53 mm


0,7 kg

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